There are several classes of licence in Alberta. Each class has it’s own requirements and allowances.


The Ignition Interlock Program allows individuals who have lost their operator’s licence through an impaired driving conviction an opportunity to gain conditional driving privileges. Certain restrictions apply and there are specific eligibility criteria. The Ignition Interlock Program is administered by the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.

Drivers who meet the Ignition Interlock Program criteria can have an alcohol sensing device installed in their vehicle ignition system. The driver is prevented from starting and/or driving his/her vehicle if the device detects alcohol. All program activity is recorded and monitored.

Please refer to the Ignition Interlock Participant Guide for information on participation and eligibility in this program.


In certain cases, suspensions may cause critical situations that can affect your livelihood or job status. In this case you can apply for a Restricted Drivers Licence. If approved, this restricted driver’s licence will allow you to travel from point A to point B only and also in a restricted time zone.

Some Requirements

  • The individual must be suspended.
  • The individual’s suspension must not be an alcohol related offense. To apply for the Restricted Drivers Licence program, please come into the Southland Registrations office and purchase the Restricted Drivers Licence Application.

All decisions about your suspension and approval of your Restricted Drivers Licence application are made by Driver’s Fitness and Monitoring. Your application must be submitted to them. Inquiries about your application can be accessed through the Alberta government’s toll free number 310-0000.


Under the Traffic Safety Act, a driver charged with an alcohol-related offence will be issued a Notice of Suspension/Disqualification. This means a person who has provided a breath or blood sample over .05, or refused a demand by a peace officer to provide either a breath or blood sample.

Grounds For Appeal

  • That you did not provide a breath or blood sample that was over .05 while you operated or had care or control of a motor vehicle.
  • That you did not refuse a demand by a peace officer to supply a breath or blood sample while you operated or had care or control of a motor vehicle.

You may purchase an Application for a Hearing at the Southland Registration Office.

Two Types of Appeal Applications

  • Non-personal hearing which requires a written submission.
  • A personal hearing, which requires a personal appearance before the Board.

For more information, or if you are unsure which application you should apply for, please refer to this Government of Canada Fact Sheet.


Once your suspension is over you may be ready to reinstate your driver’s licence. In most cases, some terms and conditions may apply before you can start driving again.

Come into Southland Registration and our friendly staff will be able to assist you in determining these requirements. Each individual’s situation is different. Our staff can help you determine what steps and actions you need to take to start driving as soon as possible.

To access your information we require personal identification. Since this information is protected by the privacy act, we can only release this information to you. Once all the terms and conditions are completed, your last step is to reinstate your licence.