New Vehicle Registration

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle you may register it at our office.

Steps to Register a New Vehicle

  1. Obtain insurance from your insurance company. You may have it faxed to our office at 403-252-9090. We will keep your insurance on file for your convenience. Due to government regulations, we will be unable to register your vehicle without insurance documentation. Every name that you wish to have on the registration must also be on the insurance document you provide. Need A Quote?
  2. Obtain a Bill of Sale or lease agreement from the seller of the vehicle. If there are multiple buyers on the Bill of Sale, we will need signatures from each person listed. If someone who is listed as a buyer on the Bill of Sale will not be accompanying you to our office, you will need to have them complete a Vehicle Authorization Form to give you permission to complete the service on their behalf. We cannot register a vehicle without written consent for everyone listed on the ownership documents.
  3. Come to the Southland Registrations office. If you do not have a licence plate or wish to have a new one, one will be provided. If you have an existing plate with registration that has not run out yet, you may wish to transfer the plate instead. Our friendly staff would be glad to help you and explain the advantages according to your situation.

Registrations are priced on a prorated system based on the first letters of your surname (as opposed to registration date or birth date). Feel free to contact our office at 403-255-3653 to obtain pricing information.

Please Note:
All outstanding fines must be paid before we can register your new vehicle.