A road test is just a driver examiner observing your drive on a route that they select. Indeed, a road test is stressful, especially when it’s your first time. So let’s begin by just breathing. You’ll be able to focus better by being calm and collected.


First, make sure you successfully BOOKED your road test. Just in case you had changes, your receipts should indicate the time and date of your test. You cannot select your examiner. Examiners are randomly assigned to you.

Please bring in:

  • Your valid Alberta Operator’s Licence
    • For a Class 5 Basic (GDL) road test, please bring your Class 7 Learner’s Licence (minimum of 12 months).
    • For a Class 5 Advanced (GDL Exit) road test, please bring your Class 5 GDL Operator’s Licence (minimum of 24 months). *If you are unsure if you’re eligible, please come to the registry and verify your qualifications with an agent before booking.
  • Valid Insurance and Registration for the vehicle that you are providing for your road test
    • We do offer road testing vehicles that you can book at the same time that you book your road test.
  • Your Road Test Permit
    • If you booked online, your test permit is prepaid. You can pick up your test permit 15-20 minutes before your road test begins. If you booked at our registry, you would have received a test permit for your upcoming road test when you pay. You must keep and provide this test permit to the driver examiner before your road test begins.
  • A Knowledge Test Permit is required when upgrading your licence to another Class.
  • Glasses or corrective lenses if you need them for driving.
  • A Second Piece of Valid ID.
    • We will need a second piece of valid ID to reclass your operator’s licence after you have passed your Class 5 Basic GDL road test. Acceptable valid ID include:
      • Passport
      • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
      • Citizenship Card
      • Indian Status Card
      • Birth Certificate
      • University or College issued ID cards with photos

For more valid ID options, please contact us through social media, phone (403-255-3653), or email ( Debit or Credit cards are not acceptable as a secondary piece of ID.



We want you to feel as confident and comfortable for your road test, as possible. So, please prepare any questions or concerns for your driver examiner. They can provide all the answers you need before you commence the test.

Common questions asked include:

  • Is it OK for me to have the car radio or prepared playlist on?
  • Can I wear sunglasses?
  • Can I roll down the window?
  • Can someone come with me on the test?



If you’re providing your own vehicle for the exam, please make sure it is road test ready. Here is a quick checklist:

  • You have working brakes lights, signal lights, daytime lights, headlights, and mirrors, with no badly cracked or missing lenses.
  • Your vehicle is properly licensed and insured for your use.
  • Your vehicle does not have any illegal vehicle modifications or illegally tinted windshields or windows. Your windshield must not have any cracks that obscure or affect your examiner’s view.
  • All dashboard warning lights like the air bag, oil, check engine are working and will not affect your safe operation of the vehicle.
  • Your horn is working.
  • You have safe tires installed and in winter, snow tires are highly recommended.
  • Your car doors and windows are operating. For example, the doors should be able to open from the inside and out.
  • All seatbelts work and are in good condition.
  • You have sufficient fuel or electric charge so as not to impede your exam.
  • Your car is clean and inviting for your examiner.
  • You have sufficient windshield washer fluid and working wipers.

Now you’re road test ready! We wish you the best of luck. You can do it!
If you need more information on preparing for your road test, Transportation Alberta is also a great resource: