The Regret of Past Demerits

Are you a perfect driver? Maybe you earned those demerits because of the

  • U-turn you did in front of the elementary school during parent pick-up hours,
  • Distracted driver moment at the stop light,
  • Speeding because you were rushing instead of thinking about safety,
  • Racing down that new road when you didn’t see any cars,
  • Swearing that the pedestrian hand signaled for you to go ahead at a crosswalk but forgetting they have the right-of-way, or
  • Missing the Playground Zone sign because you were taking a new route

There’s actually many ways people have lost points. Alberta transportation lists common errors here:

So if you’re regretting some demerits, the Defensive Driver Online Course can reduce your demerits by up to 3 points. From the comfort of your own home, you can watch and learn online at your own pace. The 6 hour program is offered through Fleet Safety International for $105 + applicable taxes. Once successfully completed, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Remember to bring your certificate into our office when applying for the 3-demerit reduction.
As an added bonus, some insurance companies may agree to reduce your insurance rate as well.

For more information on Alberta Transportations’ Demerit System for Graduated Driver Licensing, please visit:


Chapter Nine: Driving Within The Law Section