Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Each new year, some headline will report on top resolutions that will be broken and why bother making resolutions you can’t keep.  I still believe in resolutions because to me, resolutions are just goal setting.  The past year has brought a lot of good with the bad.  Events can change people.  I am where I am because of the struggles, being completely lost, and my strong support group of family and friends.  If the new year is just a day that intentionally makes you ponder who you want to be and the life you want to live, I say go for it!  Make those resolutions and actionable steps to get there.  There’s the saying, “Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars!” So why not aim for that new and better you. There’s a lesson to be learnt whether you succeed or fail.  Often failure is what teaches you what went wrong and how to improve.  A lot of times people don’t get started because they just don’t know how.

So I decided to draw knowledge from the staff here at Southland Registrations to see how they can help you fulfill some resolutions.

  • Resolution Number 1:  Be Your Own Boss For the months of January and February, our blogs will focus on setting up a business.  Sometimes we get clients who come in and aren’t sure:
    – whether to incorporate or be a sole-proprietorship,
    – where to register a GST number,
    – where to get a business permit, and
    – what’s the difference between a tradename and corporate name.
  • Resolution Number 2:  Build Stronger Relationships with Friends, Family, and Community
    February is a great time to revisit relationship goals.  Maybe it’s releasing negative influences or feeding your soul by helping others.  Southland supports many local charities.  We’d like to spotlight them, the AB organ donor program, reminder programs, wedding services, and will kits.   Wait, will kits?  Yes, sometimes it puts you at ease knowing you’ve organized financial/personal affairs for those you care about.
  • Resolution Number 3:  Be Healthier
    Well now this a stretch for a registry.  Besides hiding and not stocking Mars chocolate bars from one of our colleagues, how can we help with living a healthier lifestyle?  We can help you update your Alberta Health Card so that you can go for your annual check up.  If you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear it.  Contact me at
  • Resolution Number 4:  Learn Something New
    Perhaps this is the year you’re going to learn a new language, a new hobby, or perhaps learn to ride a motorcycle or even drive.  So for the month of April, we’ll focus on delivering articles that help you earn your motorcycle/driver’s license.

If there’s any other resolutions you’d like to challenge us with, please send your requests to We look forward to supporting you.  Have an awesome New Year’s Day and a fulfilling new year.